Coldstream to Wentworth October 2018

Coldstream to Wentworth October 2018 

By Len Borrow

Mike Welsh’s cousin Peter runs an asparagus farm 18 kilometres north of Wentworth Western NSW.

Mike suggested the idea to club members for a flyaway in the second week of July this year and quite a few members were interested in the trip and the accommodation, but because of bad weather the trip was cancelled and new arrangements were made to go away on the second weekend in October.

Originally up to three or four planes were going to fly to Wentworth but one by one members dropped out. In the end the ‘gallant three’ ended up having a fantastic time at Tarcoolar Mike’s cousins asparagus farm.

We flew in the yellow peril, the faithful PZN. About three days before leaving the weather looked a bit ‘iffy’ but on Friday 12th October it was beautiful blue skies and a 10kt tail wind.

The original departure time was 10.00 am but PZN lifted into the sky, by Len’s watch, at 10.42. Ross was slightly worried about the propeller pitch on PZN and was load conscious but his weight and balance said all was ok, he took no chances in the mild wind conditions on the strip and made sure all of runway 37 was available if needed.

Both Mike and Ross had fully planned the navigation on their tablets. Ross headed for Kilmore gap and we made it in 28 min. I was in the back using maps and dead reckoning, a map with pencil lines,watch, navigation rule and a Jeppersen navigation computer. (The old basic navigation skills !) I had drawn my flight plan to go to Kilmore then straight to Wentworth, but Ross used several landmarks as way points to check progress. It was a great trip at 5500 feet. We made Wentworth in 2 hours 40 min. We roped down PZN and put on the canopy cover.

Peter Welsh met us on the strip and helped us with our bags to his car. The countryside around Wentworth is very dry and semi desert unlike Coldstream and its green rolling hills. Pete’s place is about 18 Km from the air field. He has a 100 acres of desert land which has river frontage onto the Darling river.

The main crop is organic asparagus with a season from the start of March until ½ way through April. The crop is irrigated with Darling water and no chemicals are used in growing, cow and sheep manure being the only additives to the red desert soil. Pete had a great property that is very extensive. There is no pipe water supply and 25,000 litres of rain water is collected in 5 gigantic tanks. The water tastes fantastic and there is always a supply of cool fresh water in Pete’s fridge. I asked Pete why it tasted so good and sweet and he told me it was the bird dropping which made all the difference. There are extensive workshops and packing sheds for the product. The asparagus is sent to Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, China and Japan. It is a great product and has a world market.

Pete is a pilot himself and has had several aircraft and has flown a lot in the remote areas of Australia. Pete’s wife Paz is always doing something and we sampled her home-made spring rolls straight from the oven~ delicious ! There are 3 dogs on the property who follow Pete around everywhere and are a part of the family and the German back packer Max, who lives on the riverboat, is on his third visit from Leipzig Germany. He is like a son to Pete and Paz.

Ross and I stayed in cabins out in the grounds and Mike was in the main house. We went up the river on a boat made by Pete ( Called Princess Paz’s Poverty Pack) for a picnic . And on another day we went by high speed motorboat around the only island in the great Darling river system.

We left on Sunday morning and again with a good north tail wind we were back in Coldstream in two hours 20 min.

Pete is interested in flyaways and visitors to his property. Paz and Pete were great hosts, the accommodation was great so was the food. Mike Ross and I all had a great time.

Thanks for a great write-up Len, sounds like a fantastic trip! We are always looking for content for the website, if you go on an interesting trip or event, email us as

Wheelchair Pilots Day – Sunday 28 October 2018

On Sunday 28 October 2018, CFC will be hosting the first get together of Victoria’s Disabled Pilots Group.

We invite volunteers to take those participants without their own aircraft flying.

Some of the participants may have done the Wheelies with Wings course on the Foxbat and others are experienced flyers and owners.

The hope is that this will become a regular event.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact CFC member Rob Rickards

Throwback! – March 2017 Newsletter


February and March 2017 has been a very exciting couple of months for flying and all other activities aviation.

The Avalon Airshow was attended by members who enjoyed the challenge of flying in, a ramp check or two with CASA, setting up stands and enjoying all the sights and sounds that only an airshow can hurl at you! Special attendees at the air show was Ron & Alysa Dickinson. Ron has been flying now for 71 years and still holds an endorsed IFR rating! He’s doing the BPPP (Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program) in 10 days time. A special thank you to the Beechcraft Society and Flyers Club Members for taking Ron and his wife to the show and organising transport around the show. Inspirational.

The AAAA had their flyin at Echuca and as always everyone was treated to the most special display of old, new and all in between aircraft and an opportunity to catch up with friends to swap tales.

When it comes to the club rooms Kestral have completed their summer tour of duty and we enjoyed sharing the club rooms with them and would be happy to do so again next summer. There was also the purchase of 2 soft drink vending machines. These have been stocked and are dispensing soft drinks at $1. They only accept $1 coins. We have also been having the competitions monthly, on the second Sunday in a month. So far the weather has challenged all pilots for both competitions! The next competition is to be held on 16th of April (Easter) so will keep you all posted 🙂

The club also had a lovely Pleasant Saturday Evening at Kubla Thai in Croydon and it was great to get to some know club members. We also celebrated Jen Barry’s milestone B’Day and also Jenny Matiske shared beautiful cake for Simons birthday at our social Friday night at the club rooms and also made one for Jen Barry.

We also have the Inter Club competition that is hosted at Tyabb on the 30th of April. We hold the crown for this event so get your flying goggles out and head down to participate and retain the crown. Don’t forget that HEZ is down at Tyabb along with it’s cessna sisters and brothers online so if you do your best flour bombing in HEZ you can book it in.

Remember to also get your submission in for the CASA Medical LINK.  Also check out the facebook posts and emails to assist with Tyabb Airfield and their submissions to Local Council and share these with other Aero Clubs and Pilots for their support.



  • 30th March – have your CASA medical submissions in – Chat to Ian Ryan if you would like any assistance with your submission. LINK.
  • 31st March – 1 April – Australian Light Aircraft Championships @ Latrobe Valley
  • 1st April – Flyin to Kyneton Airfield for a Hot Dog lunch.
  • 15th April – Temora Airshow
  • 16th April – YCEM competition & BBQ
  • 26th April – Kyneton Airshow
  • 30th April – Inter Club Competition at Tyabb



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