ATTENTION: Clubroom Passcode Change

The clubroom is our home away from home and we should all treat it like we would treat our own home.

Unfortunately, this has not been happening, with reports of the door being left open, the fridge door left open and the airconditioning being turned on to full and then left on.This can’t continue.

We have valuables on the premises and leaving the fridge door open and A/C on runs up expensive electricity bills for the club.

As a result, the door code to the clubroom has been changed.

The clubroom is an essential benefit that we provide for members and their guests and as a result, the door code will only be provided to current financial members of the club.

If you are a current financial member of the club, you should have received an email with the new door code. Please let us know if you have not received the email.

If you are not a current financial member, you can easily rejoin by completing a membership form, which can be downloaded from our website ( and sending it to,and providing payment by bank transfer, credit card or cash payment to a committee member.

Your CFC Committee

Upcoming Events!

OzRunways Presentation – 24 November 2019

The presentation will be held on 24 November 2019, at the CFC clubroom. The
presentation will run from 11am to 12pm

Jake and Chantelle from OzRunways will conduct a Presentation on OzRunways for Club Members who use the program as their EFB and would like to understand more, receive some face to face training and ask questions specific to you etc.

Please RSVP and bring your iPad on the day for the presentation and your questions.

Any urgent matters should be directed directly to the OzRunways team for assistance via their website and online chat.

Tea/Coffee and light refreshments

Facebook event

Wheelies with Wings – 24 November 2019

CFC Christmas Party – 14 December 2019

More details to come, but you can put a hold in your diary for our Spit Roast Dinner 5.00pm December 14th.