Our Staff

Image of Bob Boyd

Bob Boyd - Chief Flying Instructor & Managing Director

is an experienced senior GA and RA instructor, with over 30 years and 5500 hours aviation experience. Bob owns Yarra Valley Flight Training and is also the Chief Flying Instructor.

Bob comes from a technical career in telecommunications.

Image of Ian Ryan

Ian Ryan - Instructor

Ian received a trial flight for his fourteenth birthday and decided then he wanted to be a pilot. He has now been flying for twelve years, and is the newest instructor here at Coldstream. Ian has worked as an analytical chemist and lifeguard at Kilsyth Centenary Pool and volunteers for the State Emergency Service. Whether you are after an experience for yourself or as a gift, or wanting to learn to fly, Ian would be happy to fulfil your dream.

Image of Dick Gower

Dick Gower - Senior Instructor

is a Flying Instructor of the General Aviation and Recreational Aviation flying schools at YVFT. He has over 50 years and 10,000 hours of aviation and flight instructor experience including training students in aerobatics and formation flying and holds CASA test approvals. Dick has recently given up the title of CFI to do more of what he loves (flying) and less of what he does not (paperwork).

Image of Dick Gower in "Lady Liz"Lady Liz at RAAF Point Cook Air Pageant

Dick is also a chartered engineer, holding CASA CAR 35/36 aircraft design approval, and has served as Industry Convenor of the Regional Airspace Advisory Committee and is past President of the Antique Aeroplane Association. He owns the vintage de Havilland Chipmunk, Lady Liz (VH-DCZ), which is based at Coldstream.

Lady Liz was purchased in the UK in 1986 by Dick Gower as G-AORL owned by Derek Gardner. She was shipped to Australia where Tim Becroft at Tocumwal Aviation did the re-bagging and painting. Lady Liz is hangared at Coldstream Airport in Melbourne's Yarra Valley.

Who is on the desk?


B2 - Bob Drewery

Image of Bob Drewery, circa 1982Image of Bob Drewery, circa 2013

Normally on the desk on Sat

1948: I lived in a small, little known village in Britain, called London. 1960: I was transported to Melbourne, “as a boat refugee”. 1967: By luck I started working at an automotive electrical company, Lucas in Cheltenham. They sent me to RMIT, industrial electronics course. 1968: I passed restricted PPL at RVAC, I won a government lottery, 1st prize, two years in the Army. This encouraged me to continue my education at RMIT. 1970: I got my FPPL and married my first wife Jenny. 1971: the government alleged I had had enough education! After Puckapunyal I was sent to Watsonia School of Signals and did a 20-week conversion course, “Civilian Radio to Military Radio”. Oddly I had never done any kind of radio course until then! I came in the top 2%. The School of Signals had a policy of keeping the top 2% as staff members. I was trapped in a training regiment for the rest of my military service. 1973: I went back to Lucas and I found the work boring. 1974: I joined Techdata, a technology company that were developing the “Brisbane River Flood Warning System” for the Weather Bureau. 1976: I joined IBM, and was sent to Sydney to be trained as a Mainframe Customer Service Engineer. In the next 18 years with IBM I became a:

  • Senior Customer Service Engineer
  • Branch Specialist
  • A Mainframe MVS System Programmer Instructor
  • Country Systems Specialist in mainframe.

1978: I became an Australian Citizen 1992: I met my 2nd wife-to-be Sue; She was one of my passengers going to the Birdsville races. 1994: Sue and I started our own company Kianna Holdings Pty. Ltd. providing service for:

  • IBM,
  • EMC,
  • Hitachi,
  • Network Appliance and
  • Victorian Education Department Special Education.

1995: Sue and I married and flew an Archer to Uluru for our honeymoon. 2008: We both decided to become self-funded retirees. I now do voluntary work at Yarra Valley Flight Training. Known as B2, I’m the person behind the desk on Saturdays. I have a FPPL 650 + hours, CSR and Aerobatic endorsement and 6 grandchildren.