Our Aircraft

The YVFT fleet at Coldstream has six aircraft available online. Our fleet includes one Tecnam P92 Echo Super, one Piper Cherokee Warrior, two Piper Cherokee Warrior II, one Piper Cherokee Six and one Cessna A152 Aerobat.

Hire rates are listed in the current (PDF)Rate Sheet.

Tecnam P92 Echo Super

Image of Tecnam 24-3964Interior of Tecnam 24-3964

The P-92 Echo Super is the latest aircraft type cross-hired by YVFT. It is a two-place Recreational Aviation-registered aircraft, cruising at 100kt and is ideal in the training role, both for initial training or for pilots converting to the RA system.

Our Tecnam is equipped with Dynon D-100 EFIS, Transponder, Aera 500 GPS and dual-adjustable intercom.

Piper Cherokee Six

Image of PA-32 VH-PXG

The Cherokee Six is a larger version of the standard Cherokee design. It features a six-cylinder, 300HP engine, and seating for six. With the variable-pitch propeller, the aircraft cruises at 130kt and is an excellent cross-country aircraft.

Piper Cherokee Warrior/Warrior II

Image of PA-28 VH-MSG

The Piper Cherokee family is one of the most common aircraft available for hire/training in Australia today. This design has trained thousands of pilots and is ideal for, not surprisingly, training and cross-country trips.

Aircraft available at YVFT cruise at 105kt with seating for four.

Cessna A152 Aerobat

Image of A152 VH-HEZ

The Cessna 152 Aerobat is an excellent ab initio trainer, a good cross-country aircraft for short trips, a nice sightseeing aircraft and, of course, an initial aerobatics trainer.

The A152 cruises at 95kts and seats two. HEZ is ready for you to learn aerobatics today.