Flying Training

Our flying school a Tecnam P92 Echo Super online for training and private hire in the RA Aus system, and a Piper Warrior, Cessna A152 or Cessna 172 available for training in the General Aviation (GA) system. See Our Aircraft for more details about each aircraft.

Download the "How do I Become a Pilot?" Flyer

How do I Become a Pilot? (PDF)Download the Flyer

Training involves a minimum number of hours with an instructor (dual), and without (solo). Read the (PDF)How do I Become a Pilot? flyer for a simple overview of what is involved. For a more detailed description of all the steps involved to become a pilot, read the (PDF)Steps flyer. This flyer includes all the theory exams necessary and minimum hours for each licence step. Both brochures should be read alongside the current (PDF)Rate Sheet.