Airport Procedures

The resealing of the runway and taxiways was done on Friday 4th April, and we are now “ops normal”.

The resealing people will return in a month’s time to sweep the loose screenings from the new work.

When taxiing please exercise particular care to stay in the centre of the taxiways as the unserviceability and culvert markers may not have been returned to their correct places.

Coldstream is a small country airport located in Melbourne's picturesque Yarra Valley, approximately 23 NM NE of the City of Melbourne. It is typical of many Australian country aerodromes with its sealed strip and light traffic but is conveniently close to Class C and D airports.

AVGAS may be available - enquire when obtaining permission to operate. Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, Mastercard and Visa Accepted.

Location: S 37° 43.7' E 145°24.5'
CTAF: 119.1 MHz
AWIS: 133.4 MHz (Activated by 1 second of carrier-wave)
Elevation: 280 ft
Telephone:(03) 9739 1406

LANDING FEES: Nil to approved visitors
Runways: 17/35 Sealed
Length: 795 metres

Fly Neighbourly Map
Map of local helicopter operators

The following non-standard procedures are in force:

  • Circuit altitude is 1500 ft AMSL.
  • All circuits to the east, to avoid conflict with the nearby Lilydale airport located 3 nm to the NW.
  • The circuit must be flown so as to avoid the houses along the ridge immediately to the east of the airport.
  • Crosswind RWY 17 and base RWY 35 must track along the power line easement to the south to minimise noise exposure.
  • After take-off on RWY 35, maintain runway heading until north of Maroondah Hwy.
  • Inbound traffic should overfly the field no lower than 2000 AMSL, avoiding the sensitive area to the east, descend to circuit altitude to the west of the field and join crosswind.

The following procedures are not permitted:

  • No mid-field crosswind circuit joins (from the west) due to noise sensitive area immediately to the east of the airport.
  • Straight-in approaches to RWY 35 and upwind departures on RWY 17 are not permitted

VISITING PILOTS must obtain permission each time before operating at Coldstream. Telephone (BH) (03) 9739 1406.
Visiting Pilots will normally be given approval to arrive and to depart. One touch & go or full stop landing will be permitted. However approval will NOT be given for any circuit work, including precautionary search procedures.
CAUTION: A committal point is nominated for landings. A baulked approach must be initiated if touch down will not be achieved before reaching the large hangar with yellow windsock approximately half way along the runway.

The Doake Family
Airfield Owners
June, 2009