YCEM Comps


2014 Feb Comps

2014 Feb Comp Day 

First comp for 2014

What a great day after a week of grounding due to smoke from the fires and no wind or rain to ckear it .

We got some rain late Sat and early Sunday and it was a great day to fly.

15 took part and all enjoyed the flying and the food. 

Several old boys were jousting for the front and giving each other banter then at the last minute the new boys arrived and blasted them down.


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Flying Competition Feb 2011 — Balloon Bursting


Balloons are back! (If the weather gods smile upon us) This is your personal invitation to the February competition and BBQ lunch at RVAC Coldstream. Coldstream Competitions Resume Sunday 20th February with balloon bursting followed by a powered spot landing (1 circuit). If the weather prevents balloon bursting then there will be accurate circuit flying, glide approach to a spot landing for the first circuit and a powered spot landing for the second circuit. First bookings are at 10.00 with lunch starting around 12.30. Students particularly welcome. Instructors donate their time.